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Buy Special Cables & Wires in Qatar

Electra is a leading supplier of special cables & wires in Qatar, and offers a wide range of options to choose from, such as coaxial cables, fire resistant cables, instrumentation, audio and control cables. All the cables come with manufacturer warranties and are as per the global standards such as ISO and TIA etc. The cables are available in many variants to choose from and are perfect for installation in all types of properties, such as commercial, residential, institutional and office spaces. The orders can be placed in bulk as well as for small requirements. 

Types of Special Cables & Wires We Provide

We have three categories in the Special Cables & Wires segment, namely - coaxial cables, fire resistant cables, instrumentation, audio and control cables. The fire resistant cables are manufactured as per the specific standards for the manufacturing of fire resistant cables, and come in lengths of 100 mtr and 500 mtr. We offer three types of coaxial cables, namely - RG 59U cable, RG 6U cable, and RG 11U cable. In the third category of audio and control cables, we have six cables, namely - 2 Core 16 AWG Unshielded and Shielded Cable, 2 Core 18 AWG unshielded and shielded cable, and 1 pair 16 AWG unshielded and shielded cable, etc. 

Why choose Electra for Special Cables & Wires in Qatar?

Electra is an ISO 9001 certified company that offers a wide range of products in multiple categories, such as network cables, interior and structured cabling, cutters, engineering products and fasteners, etc. We are certified under multiple global standards, and all our products surpass the quality and specification standards laid down by the certification bodies. We also offer professional installation and maintenance services and our service portfolio is unique when it comes to customer satisfaction. Electra is an industry leader in Qatar and has experience of more than two decades to its backing. 

Hence, Electra is a name that you can trust, and invest in without any doubt. 

How to buy

You can submit an enquiry from through website and our expert will get back to you in 24 hours.

Installation in Qatar

Our executives can come and install the products anywhere in Qatar.

Guaranteed Products

All the products are of international standards with assured guaranty.