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Electro-Mechanical Services in Qatar

Electra is the leading provider of Electro-Mechanical services in Qatar that caters to a number of different sectors and delivers quality solutions in terms of services and products.

Electro-Mechanical Services in Qatar

The spectrum of electro-mechanical services is huge and comprises a number of services under it, such as electrical, drainage, plumbing, HVAC machines, pre-action system and foam deluging etc. A number of industries, IT business setups and manufacturing units are emerging in Qatar recently and for all such needs, Electra is the leading provider of Electro-Mechanical Services in Qatar that caters to a number of different sectors and delivers quality solutions in terms of services and products. All the products and services offered by us are compliant with the global quality standards and surpass them in terms of specifications and features.

We offer diverse service and product portfolios for various industries, such as interior, engineering, education and healthcare etc. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company in Quality Management and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company. Offering amazing products and reliable services, we, the Electra are the best partners for all your business endeavours. 

Our Electro-Mechanical Services 

We provide a wide range of Electro-Mechanical Services, such as electrical services, including the basic framework of cabling and wiring and highly advanced HVAC systems and fire-fighting systems. We also offer an FM 200 system and foam deluge system for manufacturing units and innovative pre-action systems as well.

Electra has been working with various sectors for more than two decades now, and hence, our Electro-Mechanical Services encompass offerings to each one of them, such as street lighting, lighting control and decorative lighting system, drainage plumbing services as well. Hence, Electra is a one-stop-solution for all your electro-mechanical needs and is a name that you can always trust in terms of quality and standards. 

Why Choose Electra for Electro-Mechanical Services in Qatar?

At Electra, we believe in delivering cutting-edge services and products that never compromise with quality and never fail to deliver across the clients' expectations. All our products and services are as per the global industry standards and are perfect for business setups ranging from start-ups to enterprise-level business organizations.

We believe in consistent learning and the consistent betterment of our brand offerings. All our services and products go from rigorous quality checks and all our quality management activities are also reviewed by a technical monitor. Hence, Electra signifies unparalleled quality and unbeatable service standards. 

Choose Electra, Choose Right!

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