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Trading Services in Qatar

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Electra is a contracting and trading company in Qatar, offering a wide range of products and services to the construction, engineering, and industrial sectors. Committed to delivering the highest quality trading services, we have built a reputation of trust in terms of quality, efficiency, and prompt supply of goods. Renowned as a leading trading company in Qatar, Electra offers trading services that help you to complete your projects on time with the utmost precision. We are market leaders in the construction and trade sector of Qatar owing to our dedication to offering the best trading services. 

A wide range of trading services are available from us, including:

  • Electrical supplies
  • MEP
  • Interior
  • Engineering
  • Safety products
  • Telecommunications products
  • Building materials
  • Industrial tools and equipment

We are committed to deliver the highest quality and achieve total client satisfaction through world-class professional standards and efficiency. Al-Shaghairi Trading emerged as a lead player in the construction trading market and established solid relationships with vendors and integrators providing top-notch solutions and services.

Over the years, we built a reputation of trust in terms of good, efficient, and prompt supply of goods and with its efficient management team and strong financial strength we are ready to take up any new challenges the market has to offer.


Procedures are maintained to control, handling and storage of materials and delivery in such a manner as to prevent the delivery of the faulty product. Storage is provided to contain all materials and products in a manner appropriate to their physical properties and commercial value.


The pursuit of total quality is a way of life at Electra.  It has always been part of its business culture to achieve the highest quality measures. Understanding of the total quality is to achieve the highest internal and external quality performance.

Internal Quality Performance: This is to work in a high-performance workflow model, with a teamwork concept, in a professional working environment, with creative minds and a long vision policy, to increase productivity and save valuable time.

External Quality Performance: This is to understand who its customer is and what his requirements are, and meeting those requirements without error on time during and after-sales.

Total quality is a commitment backed by the owners, the management and the highly qualified professional employees.

“In today’s competitive market, our target is to constantly improve the performance of our work and the quality of our services to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.”


In addition to being one of the top trading companies in Qatar, you should consider Electra for your trading needs for a variety of reasons.

  • We collaborate with international producers to support Qatar's diverse range of businesses.
  • We provide top-notch electrical accessories, safety solutions, and telecommunication equipment and are recognised as the most reliable contracting business in Qatar.
  • We are committed to delivering the highest quality trading services.
  • We have a long history of providing cherished customers with services that fully satisfy them through effective management and top-notch workmanship, a heritage they are able to uphold because of the tireless efforts of their management and personnel.

Contact us today to learn more about our trading services in Qatar and how we can help you meet your needs.

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