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Walkway Shades Services in Qatar

Find walkway shades in different styles, designs, colours and patterns. The walkway shades from Electra are manufactured with high-grade materials and we offer custom designs and easy installation also.

Walkway Shades Suppliers in Qatar

Electra is a leading supplier of walkway shades in Qatar and offers a wide range of options for all kinds of properties and public places. You can find walkway shades in different styles, designs, colours and patterns for use in hospitality, commercial, institutional properties and residential complexes. They are perfect for outdoor installation and will serve you for many years down the lane as they are made with highly tough materials. The walkway shades from Electra come in various shapes and can also be used to complement the aesthetics of a property. 

Walkway Shades We Provide

We provide a wide range of options in the walkway shades segment. The walkway shades from Electra are manufactured with high-grade materials, such as HDPE, PVC and PTFE fabrics and are mounted over pillars of steel, aluminium, and stainless steel etc. These shades can be hung over a metal framework, metal rods or hook system to shield you from the scorching sun of the Qatari sun. You can also get custom designs made for special-purpose installations. Electra not only offers the shades, but it also offers highly expert technicians and installation teams that come with fully-equipped tool kits to complete work in record time with finesse. 

Why Choose Electra for Walkway Shades in Qatar?

Electra offers:

  • Swift installation
  • Large number of options to choose from
  • Versatile products with global certifications
  • High quality services and products
  • Customer-centric policies

All our shades are manufactured as per highly stringent manufacturing policies that are revised and reviewed regularly to ensure that no faulty product finds its way into the market. We have a rich experience of more than two decades that enables us to tailor all our products and services for our diverse clientele. Further, we have tie-ups with some of the most reputed brands in the world that empower us to deliver products that surpass global standards. Hence, choosing Electra is much more than just shopping for different products, it is more of a valuable professional partnership that never fails you.

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