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Pliers in Qatar

Electra is a leading supplier of different types of pliers in Qatar and offers a huge variety in the segment to choose from. We have a huge product catalogue of pliers with different types of mouths and grip angles to ensure accurate and proper operation. All our products are made of high-quality materials, such as alloy steels and silicon rubber to ensure workplace safety and a high-grade user experience. We have six categories in the plier’s segment and there are multiple options in each of the categories. Electra also offers customization options to all its customers and can cater to bulk orders and small orders. All the products come with a manufacturer warranty and will serve you well for years down the lane.

Pliers We Provide

We provide a wide range of options in the segment, such as crimping pliers, normal pliers with different types of mouths for cutting and other operations. We have six categories in the plier’s segment, such as combination cutting pliers, straight nose pliers, half-round crooked nose pliers, self-locking adjustable pliers, universal pliers, broad nose pliers, long flat nose pliers, lateral pliers, diagonal cutters, wire stripping plier, interchangeable die crimping pliers, release (insulated, and non-insulated) terminals pliers, sleeves crimpling terminals self-adjustable pliers, and crimping terminals pliers etc. There are many other options apart from the ones mentioned here, and the customers can choose the ones that suit their purpose the most.

Why Choose Electra for Pliers in Qatar?

Electra is a brand name in the market of Qatar that has been catering to diverse business sectors for more than twenty years now and boasts of a reputation that speaks for itself. We have expert technician teams and brilliant professionals that are working continuously to make our products and services more suitable and more diverse. The pliers from Electra are made with quality materials and serve you well for years. Our engineers have vast experience and an immaculate understanding of the technical aspects that allow us to offer highly durable and innovative products to all our clients. Hence, with Electra as your business partner, you don’t have to worry about quality and commitment. 

How to buy

You can submit an enquiry from through website and our expert will get back to you in 24 hours.

Installation in Qatar

Our executives can come and install the products anywhere in Qatar.

Guaranteed Products

All the products are of international standards with assured guaranty.