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Why Should Your Building Have ELV Design?


Extra Low Voltage or ELV, solutions are now an important element in the construction industry. These solutions help certain functions that are a part of a building to function even without the need for main electricity. It primarily focuses on frameworks like data networks, fire alarms, public alarms, sound or video devices, access control, CCTV, interruption recognition, home mechanization, etc. Any system that works or operates in a voltage that is less than 35 V AC (or 60 V ripple-free DC). In order to implement the ELV solution into the construction and building system, it requires a well-structured and defined team of expertise, including electrical engineers and electrical technicians. 

Components of an ELV systems

  • Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)
The closed circuit television system, or CCTV, is one of the most common surveillance systems. A network of cameras is connected to the recording devices. It is called a closed circuit because the entire system works independently but becomes dependent when connected with an ELV system. 

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  • Access Control Systems
It is one of the main features of a security system. It helps monitor and invigilate the employees of an organization effectively. The employees are given access to their place of work with a biometric system or a card-scanning system. ACS is part of a much more integrated ELV system. 

  • Public Address System and General Alarm System
A public address system is one that is used to amplify voices or sounds using a microphone and loudspeakers. A general alarm system remote controls alarm systems within a building in case of alerts and emergencies. Combined together, they are used for evacuation needs.

  • Fence Intrusion Device system
A FIDS immediately recognizes when there is a breach in the perimeter securing system. There are multiple sensors that are placed within the perimeter fences that will alert the building security system and even the surveillance system of the trespasser or trespassers. 

Benefits of adapting ELV solution in construction design


There are many benefits that make ELV extremely important for construction or building design. 

1. Improves Security
Functions such as intrusion detection, and access control are effectively done using a single module. When the productive functioning of the system is ensured, it plays a key role in enforcing the security system of the building. 

2. Emergency Responses
Having an ELV system intact in the building helps in easily adapting to emergency situations. It becomes easier to deploy fire alarm systems, emergency lighting systems, automated security response systems, etc. these automated systems can immediately activate themselves at times of threats and emergencies and can give signal communication to the relevant authorities.

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3. Automated systems
By adopting ELV systems, the building management system gets proper control over administrative operations like the safety, lighting, etc. of the building. Engineers that devise ELV systems for buildings make sure that all requirements are automated, and it makes it easier to handle emergencies.

4. Networking Solutions
Good network solutions determine the stability of the organization. A larger organization gets better operational efficiency by adapting effective ELV solutions. Incorporate both wired and wireless networks, such as LAN and IP telephony, into your infrastructure.

5. Audiovisual Solutions
Audiovisual systems are an added feature that function with the help of ELV systems. It helps the corporate and domestic system alike. The audiovisual system provided by the ELV solutions ranges from large LEDs to audio and video conferencing devices, AV control systems, and home automation.

6. Remote management
The ELV solution helps in configuring the needed systems within a remote system. It helps reduce the maintenance costs incurred without compromising on the productivity and efficiency of the work.

7. Lower Scalability Costs
Modern ELV systems or solutions are now effectively based on IP systems. It enables the storage and networking of data via cloud-based data systems, which makes it easier to access data. The network cloud is also made of less expensive fibers. 

8. Lesser Maintenance Issues
Many unseen issues can creep up when you go with the traditional systems, which increases the chances of errors and overall costs. As ELV systems are IP based, the chances of project overruns are not of concern. 

Having a good ELV system and its understanding is the need of the hour. With the help of good and expert technicians and engineers, it becomes easier to adapt to such systems. Make sure you get the best ELV system in the industry for your project. A leading provider of ELV packages in Qatar, Electra offers IPTV, SMATV, home automation systems, and building management systems.