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Why Does Your Business Need CCTV Surveillance?


CCTV cameras have become a paramount requirement nowadays. Still, a few are apprehensive about it. They misinterpreted the surveillance system as a waste of money and unnecessary. This article would throw light on the need for installing CCTV cameras at your business premises.

Predominantly, CCTV surveillance systems capture every movement in the area, transmit real-time images, act as documentary evidence in the case of any crime, and offer close monitoring of the activities going on. Detailed here are ten points that underscore why it is imperative to have a CCTV system installed at the business premises.

1. Act as Deterrence to Thieves and other Miscreants

People often commit crimes, including theft, with the thought of escaping the clutches of the law. An advanced CCTV surveillance system would prevent such unlawful activities as criminal offences, theft, vandalism, and break-ins. There are study reports that substantiate this claim.

2. Monitor the Business in Real-time

Human monitoring and guarding have several limits. It is impossible for a man or a team to reach multiple places simultaneously. Physical limitations such as unhealthy conditions, bad weather scenarios that prevent movement around, inability to go around at a high speed, etc. act as impediments to obtaining real-time info. With the state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance system installed at the business, you can view everything happening in the business, in real-time, while sitting at the office. Modern CCTV technology offers live footage on smartphones and other smart devices. This is useful for keeping track of the business while on the go.

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3. Employee Productivity Can be Enhanced with CCTV Surveillance

Even though you have qualified managers to supervise the production activities, it may not be enough. The employees may slack off when the supervisor/ team leader/ manager is not around. Decreased productivity and a reduced outcome would be the result. It may not be possible to improve the product even if you institute strict orders. CCTV is a method to silently indicate that you are watching them and their activities. offering better productivity than before. without the need to issue stringent regulations, which may affect your relationship with the employees.

4. CCTV Footage Can Be Used as Evidence in the Case of a Crime

The CCTV visuals have been helpful for both the police and the judiciary. It has become normal to search for CCTV cameras nearby the location of a crime. Similarly, the CCTV visuals in the business can be used in the case of a crime happening in the area. This would also eliminate the possibility of a wrong person being framed for a misdeed. The company’s reputation will remain positive when the wrongdoer is punished with firm evidence from the surveillance cameras.

5. Evade the Possibility of Unauthorized Entry

Your business may have separate divisions intended for diverse activities. The entry of personnel into some of the spaces would be limited owing to the importance, confidentiality, or exclusivity of the section. Installing CCTV cameras at the spots will prevent personnel from intruding into the specifically separated areas in the organization.

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6. Help Stop Sexual Harassment in the Office/ Commercial/ Industrial Spaces

Many businesses have both men and women working together. It may happen that somebody may exploit the opportunity and try to abuse the other employee physically. Offering a safe working environment is of the utmost importance. An alarming number of sexual harassment cases are being reported across the globe. Although the governments have implemented strict rules, the cases haven't been reduced much. The CCTV surveillance at the business will be helpful in putting a full stop to sexual harassment at the organization. Even a single incident of sexual harassment can damage the image of the company and impact its acceptability.

7. 24x7 Surveillance of the Business Premises

Rainy or stormy climate can adversely affect the surveillance of a business. Guards may not be able to go around securing all the spaces. It would be difficult to monitor the entire area, even if they undertook constant patrolling. Criminals may make use of this condition. The 24x7 surveillance assured by CCTV cameras is a productive solution to this issue.

8. Reduce Expenses on Security

Positioning men in every critical area, both internal and external, is a costly affair. On the other hand, it might become crucial to keep all those areas under surveillance. Installing CCTV surveillance cameras at your organisation is a cost-effective decision. You can significantly reduce the expense of securing the spaces.

9. Clear Coverage, Consistent Performance

CCTV surveillance systems would function for a long time without any technical glitches. Only minor defects are observed even after prolonged use. The clear coverage, consistent performance, and continuous functioning make the CCTV surveillance system a must for business.