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Fire Alarm Systems: Uses, Maintenance & Safety Tips


One of the deadliest risks faced by many businesses and homeowners is fire. In the event of an unfortunate fire accident, you risk the loss of life, property, finances, and more, especially if there is a lack of safety measures. Employing a fire alarm system is the best way to ensure that you and your property are safe from the threat of a fire breakout. Such a system warns you early and provides you enough time to evacuate the premises and alert the authorities before the fire gets out of control.

A fire alarm system is essentially a unit made of various devices that uses audio and video signalization to warn individuals about a possible smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide occurrence in the area of coverage. Warning signals can either be a flashing light or a loud siren or both. The two main types of alarm systems are conventional alarm systems and addressable alarm systems.

How does a fire alarm system work?

Firm alarm systems work on the same principles as that of a specialized sensor detecting heat, smoke, or an increase in carbon monoxide levels, triggering an alarm and warning others in and around the premises. The smoke or heat detectors are responsible for transmitting the signals to a control panel wirelessly with the help of radiofrequency. Fire alarm systems are mostly wireless. 

Thermistor technology is used by heat detectors to sense the presence of excess heat while smoke detectors use ionization or photoelectricity to sense the presence of smoke. Fire alarm monitoring equipment may also be incorporated by the fire alarm systems which can alert the monitoring centers and fire departments in the event of an alarm trigger.

Why are fire detection systems important?

Fire detection systems are very important in ensuring the safety and protection of lives and properties. Employing a fire detection system can greatly reduce the damages and maximize fire control efforts. It is considered one of the most fundamental steps you can implement for fire safety. No matter what activity you are involved in, an early fire detection system can warn you so that you can respond quickly and get out of danger.

For effective fire detection, integration with a good fire alarm system is important. In case of a fire emergency, they issue warnings to building occupants or home residents. Most of the fire alarms are programmed to send out a message or warning signal to the local fire department notifying the emergency.

Below provided are the aspects concerning fire alarm systems that make them significant.

Saving lives

The primary goal in employing a fire alarm system is to make sure all the individuals at home or inside a building are safe, alive and safe. Alarms like sirens, strobe lights, and smoke detectors are helpful in fire detection and providing notification to all occupants, giving them enough time for evacuation.

Reducing loss of property  

Even though alarm systems do not necessarily help in putting out fires, they can effectively alert people. A small fire can be put out by a family member or personnel while larger fires would require the efforts of the local fire department. By notifying the responders automatically, fire alarm systems can ensure the early arrival of the fire department and lessen the damage and loss of property.

Shorten recovery time

If the property damage incurred is less, the shorter would be the downtime for you to reopen your business. This can reduce the losses from the fire and allow you to return to your normal business working quickly.

Insurance discounts

If there is a code-compliant fire alarm system in place, most insurance companies give discounted rates on insurance policy premiums for businesses. Very often, businesses are advised to install a fire alarm system before getting their business insured.

Keeping your code compliant

If you are code compliant you can avoid fees and public relations issues. The best way to ensure you don’t face any issues with the authorities is to make you keep your fire detection systems in place.

Important Safety and Maintenance Tips - Fire Alarm Systems

Before choosing your fire detection system, you need to do a thorough risk assessment of your assets and operations. You need to also consider your tolerance of risk, how you will deal with such a situation and how much of it you can bear.

Some of the important safety and maintenance tips to keep in mind are:

  • Installing a fire alarm in every room of your house, especially where you sleep and also at every important place in an office space.
  • Checking batteries for signs of battery life or corrosion and replacing batteries every once a year
  • Make sure you teach your family members or your staff what to do when they hear the sound of a fire alarm
  • Testing the fire alarms at least once a month
  • Avoiding activities that could interfere with its functioning like painting over fire alarms or sticking anything on them


An early fire detection system is of utmost importance in safeguarding lives and property. Investing in a good fire alarm system is the best way to ensure safety in the event of any unfortunate fire accident. Electra is a trusted fire alarm and fighting systems provider in Qatar that offers industry-grade solutions for your business needs. We are a QCDD certified company with products that are innovative and will ensure safety from any fire-related disasters.