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Buy Woven Vinyl in Qatar

Electra is a leading supplier of all types of woven vinyl flooring in Qatar for all kinds of spaces and offers a huge variety in the segment. We offer woven vinyl flooring from the house of WISE, which is known for its quality offerings and amazing designs. Our woven vinyl flooring is soft, more practical and easy to maintain, especially as compared to the traditional marble flooring. The woven vinyl flooring looks like a carpet and comes in multiple patterns, colours, and styles. Our product catalogue offers items relevant for all types of properties, such as commercial places, residential complexes, official spaces and different types of public places. We also offer floral embossed and customized woven vinyl flooring for our clients that request them. All the products come at affordable prices and come with the seal of quality and trust from Electra. 

Woven Vinyl Flooring We Provide

We offer strong, durable and soft Woven Vinyl fabric flooring from the WISE brand that has a strong global presence and is certified as well. Our vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain and has many impressive properties, such as - sound-absorbing, anti-slipping and fire-retardant properties. Also, our woven vinyl flooring is made of recyclable material and is environment friendly as well. It has antibacterial properties and is perfect for every kind of weather and indoor as well as outdoor use. The woven vinyl flooring stays warm in winters and cool in summers. We offer common weave patterns, stripes, floral patterns and any other bespoke patterns in our collection. 

Why Choose Electra for Woven Vinyl Flooring in Qatar?

Electra is one of the most reputed and trustworthy brands in Qatar and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for Quality Management and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company for Occupational Health & Safety standards. Our products are manufactured as per the best industry practices and are rolled out after quality checks and product monitoring. Also, we offer customized designs in the woven vinyl flooring segment in an affordable range. We also have highly skilled flooring installation teams and maintenance technicians that can help you complete the installation in record time. So, choose Electra, choose right!

How to buy

You can submit an enquiry from through website and our expert will get back to you in 24 hours.

Installation in Qatar

Our executives can come and install the products anywhere in Qatar.

Guaranteed Products

All the products are of international standards with assured guaranty.