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How to Choose the Best Fire Alarm System for Your Building?


Fires are a common and dangerous occurrence that occurs on a regular basis. Preventing its occurrence is a necessary evil that must be taken care of to ensure the safety of both people and property. The only way to ensure that these fire breakouts are under control is to install proper fire alarm systems that will ensure the safety of the building. There are many choices out there when it comes to choosing the right fire alarm system, so considering some factors will help you choose the best one for your building and protect it at all costs.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Fire Alarm System

1. Assess Your Building’s Requirements and Risks

The first and most important step before planning the purchase of fire alarm systems is to ensure that they meet the requirements and needs of your building. For this, you have to first analyze the risks that your building will be subjected to. It is also necessary to understand the means by which the fire alarm system will alert the occupants of the building. The alarm system should help people evacuate immediately when there is a fire. The fire alarm system that you choose should also be capable of detecting smoke that can come from different sets of home appliances like microwave ovens, gas burners, and so on. This detection will make it easier to use sprinklers and smoke alarms, reducing the likelihood of a fire spreading throughout the building.  

2. Consider Your Building's Size and Layout

The building’s size and layout are two of the biggest factors that have to be considered when the fire alarm system is installed in the building. A good understanding of the layout will help you analyze where the fire alarm gadgets have to be kept inside and outside of the building. The placement of the gadgets has a major impact on how they will alert the inhabitants of the building. 

In the case of a smaller building, we can go ahead and implement a conventional fire alarm system. In this system, there will be a control panel that connects the gadgets that are kept in different zones. 

But when it comes to a larger building with more floors, the need for a more technical, gadget-induced fire alarm system becomes necessary. Such fire alarm systems are called addressable fire alarm systems. Each device in this system will have a unique address, and these systems will be looped into the main control panel. These systems are customizable according to the needs of the building. 

3. Assess Your Fire Alarm Monitoring Needs

The requirement for fire alarm monitoring systems can be based on two main reasons. The first being that it might be required as per the code. A fire code and building code list buildings that require fire alarm monitoring. If your building belongs to this list, then it becomes necessary to employ fire alarm monitoring. The second reason why it is mandatory for fire alarm monitoring is to ensure peace of mind and avoid any possible chances of fire spreading. Adding this service can help add an additional layer of security. Fire alarms are infused into the building layout to prompt the residents at the right time to evacuate, but the fire department will only be alerted if they are informed through a call. But with the help of fire alarm monitoring, the fire alarm system automatically alerts the fire department as and when the alarm is sounded. 

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4. Understand Various Types of Fire Alarms

There are many kinds of fire alarms that are employed in a building. Before going ahead and employing a fire alarm, it is important to understand different types of alarms. This will help you choose the best alarm that is required for your building. The different types of alarms have different functionalities, and they range from heat detectors to smoke detectors to carbon monoxide detectors to multi-sensors and so on. The kind of business and the hazards and risks associated with it will determine the type of alarm system that needs to be installed in the building. 

5. Check If the Sensor Is Receptive or Not

The basic utility of a fire alarm system is to alert the occupants of a building to a possible fire breakout. Hence, to work on this, the system should be highly responsive to changes around it. If the fire alarm receptors aren't sensitive enough to detect small changes, the chances of a fire spreading to at least a small portion of the building increase. So, make sure to entrust yourself with a fire alarm system that is highly responsive to even the slightest change and has an optimized response time.

6. Look for a Wireless or Bluetooth alarm

Bluetooth and wireless fire alarm systems are the modern versions and provide much more usability than conventional alarm systems. When Bluetooth and wireless alarm systems are used, they make it possible to handle the situation remotely. Such fire alarm systems can be easily accessed using mobile devices, eliminating the need for wiring systems. This will help control the fire alarm systems with maximum ease and with the least amount of effort. Bluetooth fire alarm systems are the best as they are easy to operate. 

7. Consider a Proper Budget

Budget has to be considered before choosing the right alarm system. Fire alarm systems come with different budgetary constraints. Conventional alarm systems are less expensive but can be much more costly to install. The main reason for this is that each device requires its own set of specific wiring components. Addressable fire alarms can be an expensive investment in the initial phase, but as there is a lot less requirement for wires, it becomes less expensive to implement them. Addressable systems also have a plethora of additional features that can ensure maximum security and thus save money in the long run.

8. Check the Product Quality and Performance

When selecting a fire alarm system for your building, the quality of the product and its performance must be carefully considered. Fire alarms are an investment that should be supported in the long run. Some of the main features to consider when selecting a fire alarm system are responsiveness, sound quality, customized alarm tones, and so on.

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