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10 Key Factors To Look For In The Data Center


Up-to-date security is every organization’s need of the hour. Especially in terms of data and servers. Many organisations are relying on the security and capabilities of their data centers for peace of mind. Is your organisation looking for the right data center facility? We are here for you. We have curated a list of the most important features that you need to look for in a data center. Read through the below-mentioned to know more.

Important Features to Look for in a Data Center 

Do you want to know about the important features of a data center that you need to thoroughly look into?

1. Location of Data Centre

Your data can virtually live anywhere, thanks to remote access simplicity and the cloud! Though it's a great advantage, have you ever thought about the actual integrity of the physical facility in which your servers reside? Experts believe that factors such as the building’s structural integrity, proximity to fire departments, natural disaster vulnerability, etc, are important considerations to take into account when choosing a data center facility.

2. Data Centre Physical Security 

As much as data security is extremely important, so is sufficient on-site security. The facility should be under 24/7 video surveillance and also need to have reinforced doors and walls, multi-layered access control systems, and more, which can best ensure that no unauthorized entry is allowed.

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3. Network Redundancy

It’s not just the location and the security of the data center that is important but also the uptime. Especially for mission-critical servers, a data center with several levels of redundancy is a must. Experts suggest that there should be multiple network devices set up to take over in case one fails and also for the utilization of two separate ISPs. This allows for congestion reduction and also for an added guarantee for the network’s safe running.

4. Financial Stability of Data Centre

It is critical to thoroughly investigate the financial history of the data centre provider you choose.Do you want to engage with a company that may have the possibility of going out of business? Or Use their lack of financial stability to cut corners on infrastructure to save money. To get the best knowledge, research the company’s financial status like growth, profit, and revenue.

5. Scalability of Data Centers

If you intend to expand your business at a later point in the future, you will certainly need a data center that can accommodate changes and expansions. It is important to find a data center that is flexible enough to meet your company’s current and future requirements without any hassles.

6. Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

It is certainly impossible to know when a disaster would strike!. By having a robust disaster recovery plan in place, your organization can better handle situations that have the potential to turn out very disastrous. Make sure the providers you choose have experts on their team to plan, review, and test various disaster protocols.

7. Consider the Future

Technology is rapidly evolving, so choose a data centre that can keep up with such changes. Make sure to ask about matters like whether there are cloud services, ways to save costs by having equipment in the data centre, etc. Other important factors to consider include energy consumption, increased operational and capacity costs, etc. Make sure that the updates are well planned.

8. 24/7 Support and Monitoring

You must be able to reliably and easily keep tabs on the utilization of your data and servers at all times. To get started, get to know about the storage levels, bandwidth usage, physical floorspace, outage alerts, etc. When choosing a data center, make sure you understand well-defined factors such as what type of backup services are offered, what options for support are offered if your team can’t reach the data centre, and whether or not customer metrics are available for understanding the responsiveness of the data center team, how robust the contact channels are, etc.

9. Operational Performance

If the data center that you intend to choose has all the above-mentioned features, then it is one of the best options. However, it would also be essential to understand the operational performance of the data center. Check whether the CRACs (the cooling and the refrigeration units) are in the aisle or the whitespace. According to its position, several factors can be affected, like filter changing, maintenance activities, plumbing over/ in whitespace areas, noise pollution, etc.

10. Data Centre Pricing

The most important thing of all is the price, among others. You are investing a great deal of your time and financial resources in finding a data centre, and the last thing you would want is any surprises in terms of additional costs. Understand how your provider would mitigate utility price fluctuations, what their strategy is for keeping power costs down vs. building out density, etc. Asking productive questions will ensure that you make the best choice for your organization.