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Things to Consider while Choosing the Scaffolding


You need to have a basic understanding of the scaffoldings before you pick the one for your project. Having insight into the exclusivities, safety aspects, longevity, and cost would help you make the best decision. Different types of scaffoldings are available, and the ideal one for your project would depend on several factors. A customized scaffolding might be ideal for big projects that follow unique design patterns.

Different Types of Scaffoldings

Scaffoldings can be divided into three categories basically, depending on the design specs and construction peculiarities.

1. Supported Platform Scaffoldings

A supported platform scaffolding system is the most common one. The scaffold would be supported by poles and grounds of this type. In turn, connecting those to the ground with elevated platforms.


2. Suspended Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding will have a wooden or metal platform, as in the case of supported platform scaffolding. However, the scaffold would hang suspended, connected with ropes from the elevated position of the construction or structure.

3. Adjustable Scaffolding Systems

The height or position of the scaffolding can be adjusted in adjustable scaffolding systems. The scaffold would be hanging connected with rope, which will have an electrically or manually operated pulley mechanism. The height or position of the scaffolding can be adjusted as per the requirements.


7 Things to Consider while Choosing the Scaffolding

The basic factors you need to consider, before scouting for scaffolding for the project, are your basic requirements, the budget, the size of the project, and the basic objectives. Let’s look at the things to consider while choosing the scaffolding.


1. What is your budget?

A clear evaluation of the budget will help in limiting the search for scaffolding to a specific limit. You might know that supported scaffolding is the cheapest among the three. This is one of the main reasons for supported scaffoldings becoming common and popular. You need not limit the search to supported scaffolding, just as you have budget constraints. Many leading scaffolding providers offer affordable scaffoldings from other types as well.


2. What do you need?

This point may be considered before the previous one if you have leeway on the money to spend. Determine the needs based on the project specifications, the level of the ground, and the type of the project. Understanding the specific need has a crucial role in the selection of the scaffolding.


3. Does it have any safety concerns?

Human safety is of paramount importance. An unfortunate incident at your project site is going to impact the company extremely. Therefore, you must study the safety characteristics of the scaffolding you are choosing. The material used, the design followed, and the construction pattern must be according to the laid down safety standards. Electra offers you the scaffolding of international standards. Abiding by the global regulations on safety, we ensure that all the scaffolding provided by us is safe in every respect.


4. Does it pass the testing?

Thorough testing is advisable prior to selecting the testing. The manufacturers or suppliers should offer you testing of the scaffolding as per the laid down procedure. Scaffoldings you place must take loads and should not fail even when used at the maximum load limits. It is the responsibility of the firm to prove the strength of the scaffolding to the client. You can request them to demonstrate testing if they haven’t complied with it.


5. Why don’t opt for the latest scaffold designs?

Research and development are a constant process. It is happening in the world of scaffolding as well. Companies are integrating advanced components, pursuing a quality-proven manufacturing process, and introducing state-of-the-art design changes. These all things are aimed at a single thing; to ensure the best performance of the scaffolding. Have a study about the global scaffold design elements and discuss the same with the company before going ahead.


6. Did your team inspect the scaffolding properly?

Have a proper inspection and trial of the scaffolding. A detailed inspection and checking of each of the components of the scaffolding are mandatory before picking the one for your project. Most companies allow inspection of their products. You may check out local vendors or scaffold manufacturers and undertake the inspection. The inspection process may not be possible when you are importing the scaffoldings. Nevertheless, the local entity of the manufacturer should arrange for an inspection based on your request.

7. Are you sure about the scaffold manufacturer and supplier?

Picking a leading scaffold manufacturer and supplier will help in procuring the best scaffold for your project. A certified scaffold supplier with immense experience and expertise would offer you durable scaffolds that are safe to use. The scaffolds would stand strong for the promised period without any defects when you buy them from a reliable firm. Repeated defects and unfortunate failures may be the result when you pick an unproven firm, just for saving some money.


The Conclusion

Broad knowledge and insight into the scaffoldings would save you from landing with the wrong vendor. The right scaffolding would not only guarantee a safe working atmosphere but also enhance the productivity of the employees. Electra has been the top scaffold supplier for decades. We offer a wide range of scaffolds of different types, depending on the requirements projected by the clients. You can trust us to deliver you the best scaffold made of quality-proven material under the constant examination and evaluation of the quality assurance team.