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Different Types of Sports Flooring - Indoor & Outdoor


Sports flooring was not a concern in earlier days. The importance of laying the right surface, suitable for a specific sports event, became evident with time. The flooring should have shock absorption qualities and should reduce the possibility of injury. This enhances the confidence in the competitors and helps them put up the best fight. Indoor and outdoor sports, as well as, athletics and other sporting events necessitate a particular kind of flooring. There are a number of options available to choose from. Discussions with experienced professionals and knowledgeable curators would be of immense help to determine which type of sports flooring to put.

General Types of Sports Flooring

Some of the sporting events need specially designed floorings. The games would be more engaging in those flooring.


3G and 4G floorings are the most suited sports flooring for football. This type of pitch will have artificial grass that supports the game effectively. Polyethylene grass acts as good as real grass and offers the best flooring for the game.


Hockey flooring is a bit different from football. Since the game uses a smaller ball than football, it needs to slip over the surface easily. Both 2G and 3G pitches can be used for hockey.


Tennis is played on grass, clay, turf, or concrete. Indoor tennis is played on hard sports flooring. Otherwise, artificial grass, turf, clay, and concrete floors can be preferred. It would depend on the choice of the client.


Basketball courts normally use vinyl flooring. The surface is suitable for multiple types of games including badminton and other netball games. Vinyl sports flooring is preferable for children’s game areas in school and clubs.

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Indoor and Outdoor Sports Flooring

Special types of flooring are laid for outdoor and indoor sporting events. The flooring is decided based on the games and sports planned, climatic conditions, and other exclusive attributes.

What is Indoor Sports Flooring

Indoor sports flooring can be chosen according to the type of games played, budget available, the variety of intended use, etc. Badminton, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling are normally played indoors, as well as outdoors.

Types of Indoor Flooring

The types of flooring available for indoor sports are elaborated subsequently.

Hardwood Flooring

Commonly known as Maple Hardwood flooring, these are some of the most opted sports floorings. Appealing and aesthetically elegant Maple flooring will elevate the appearance of the sports court. A variety of design features are available in this type of flooring. Further, the clubs, teams, and sports centers can put their logos, captions, and emblems on the floor. Installation of subfloors will be useful for shock absorption during games like basketball. Removable maple hardwood flooring makes it easy to remove the flooring for repair and refurbishment. Pros o Durable o Aesthetically pleasing o Customized designs o One can choose patterns, colors, and looks o Portable hardwood flooring is easily repairable Cons o High maintenance cost o No versatile like many other types of sports flooring o It can be designed for a limited number of games only

Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane is one of the most flexible materials that can be customized to suit different purposes. The material can be used for the preparation of sports floors, where multiple games and athletic events are organized. Polyurethane multipurpose floors can be custom-designed according to the client’s choice. It can be used in gyms, fitness centers, athletic facilities, and other game zones. Pros o Affordable than wooden flooring o Can be used for multiple types of games o More life span Cons o Not appealing as wooden flooring o Difficult to clean

Rubber Flooring

Training centers and sports practice areas can be installed with rubber flooring. It has better shock absorption properties to limit the chances of wounds and injuries. The easy to maintain and long-lasting floors are economically viable as well. A unified appearance offered by rubber flooring makes it ideal for a number of sports activities. Pros o Durable o Affordable o Easy to clean o Seamless flooring Cons o Installation is a time-consuming process o Odour during the initial period o May turn slippery when wet

Vulcanized Rubber Sports Flooring

Highly performing and long-lasting vulcanized rubber flooring has gained popularity owing to the advantages it offers. The flooring can be used for multiple types of games, sports, and other activities. The installation of vulcanized rubber flooring is usually done on multiple layers. With the top, or external, layer exhibiting excellent anti-slippery, anti-bacterial and non-porous qualities. Pros o Durable o Shock absorption o Anti-microbial o Non-porous o Non-slippery Cons o Available in mats or tiles only o Rubber odor during the initial period o Higher cost than rubber flooring

What is Outdoor Sports Flooring

Outdoors sports and activities would need flooring that can support the games as well as withstand the weather conditions. It should not get damaged by sun, rain, dust, or dirt. At the same time, offering support to the sports effectively.

Types Of Outdoor Sports Flooring

The types of flooring available for outdoor sports are elaborated subsequently.

Artificial Turf Flooring

Artificial turf has been replacing natural grass surfaces widely. The easy to maintain, durable, and shock absorption properties. The look and feel it gives are similar to natural grass. Manufactured using fiber material, it has filaments placed, for adding the shock absorption quality. Being an affordable and cost-effective choice, schools, colleges, sports centers, and clubs opt for artificial turf for their outdoor sports flooring.

Recycled Rubber Flooring

Recycled rubber flooring has been considered the ideal option for athletics, especially for track and field events. It offers good traction and has excellent shock absorption quality. This prevents injury to the athletes during high-speed events. The flooring has exclusive design features to drain rainwater and keep the surface dry. Safe and durable recycled rubber sports flooring can be considered if you are planning to design an outdoor sports area. Do you want expert guidance on indoor or outdoor sports flooring? We would be happy to help you. Call us now or drop us a message.