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List of Office Furnitures Every Office Needs


An average working human spends a fair share of his or her time in the workplace. It is an extreme necessity for the office space to have the proper equipment and with it the right amount of furniture. A good workspace will have all the key furniture elements which make the employees want to come to work. Adequate furniture has a great role to play in the functional environment of an office. The layout and placement of the furniture in the right place make it a desirable space to work. 

In this blog, we try to look into the list of furniture which has to be mandatorily present in all offices and workspace.


7 Office Furnitures Every Office Needs

1. Desk and Chairs

Without these two, it is not possible to imagine an office of any dimension. Proper desks and comfortable chairs are the prime furniture resources that have to be owned by a company or office. The design and quality can directly affect the work of the employee. The desk should have enough space to keep the necessary items for the employee if the job profile requires a lot of paperwork. If the work profile is based on working on a computer all the time. Then, there should be sufficient space to accommodate the computer hardware or else the workspace of the employees will be a constant mess. 

Chairs should have a backrest, and they should be one with an adjustable headrest and height. Ergonomic chairs help in giving ample back support for the employees if their work profile involves sitting for long periods. 

2. Meeting spaces

Comfortable meeting space should be essential for working together and brainstorming ideas. The communal workspace furniture has to be decided based on the strength of employees and the number of people that has to be accommodated in a single session. The frequency of meetings should be one of the key considerations while deciding on the furniture for the conference room or communal workspace. The furniture should be able to help in contribution and act as an added factor for the successful conduct of the meetings or brainstorming sessions. 

3. Living Spaces

Living spaces are a critical part of office spaces. Break rooms or outdoor patios are necessary to retain the balance between work and relief. Short breaks are indispensable as they aid in better productivity of the workforce. Well-structured lounge area with niche furniture can help the employees relax during their short break. The usual set of furniture that adorns the break rooms or lounge areas includes a comfortable couch set, a coffee table, and bookshelves. An addition of a foosball table can add to the quirkiness to let out the long sitting spell. Having a comfortable headspace within the workspace can help better employer-employee relationships. 

4. Storage Cabinets

What is an office without storage cabinets? An office is incomplete without file cabinets or storage cabinets. But the number of office cabinets that has to be arranged depends on their use. The new-age technology is now promoting saving up files in the cloud platform. So unless and until the workspace has a lot of files to be kept in place, there is a very less requirement for office cabinets. There are now innovative strategies which are applied to the storage cabinets to make them as hidden as possible. Most of the cabinets can be now fitted under desks and are away from the nominal view as much as possible.

5. Printer or Scanner room

Giving a separate space for printing, scanning and copier machines can help reduce the clutter inside the office space. Advanced technology has given us the benefit of having all of these in one machine. This ensures that the machines do not take up all the space. Set these up in a space which is accessible to everyone in the office and avoids any sort of disruptions in the normal working environment of the office.

6. Whiteboards or Smartboards

Whiteboards are a known element in every office. It is that supportive element that helps convey the brainstorming ideas to the employees. A dry erase board gets dirty over time as people do not clean it often after their presentations which lets the ink dry on the board. To avoid the cleaning hassle and if the workspace is able to afford a much more expensive version of the whiteboard which is called a smart board. A smartboard is a larger version of the tab and has a touchscreen and is easier to communicate with the employees and does not have the hurdle to clean it after every presentation.

7. Cafeteria

The cafeteria itself brings a different vibe to the monotonous days at the office. Therefore, it is necessary to add colour and help employees have a comfortable dining experience. With a good cafeteria around employees would refrain from eating out and make the maximum use of the facility. Arrange the seating in the cafeteria with consideration of the employee strength and in such a way that it initiates healthy interaction between the employees. You can go for funky or classic furniture and try not to spend much as it is not as important as the workspace.


It is crucial to give some invested thoughts while deciding on the furniture for the workspace. As the employees spend a fair share of their time at the office, it is vital that they are comfortable and happy with their work elements. Great office furniture can directly contribute to the happiness of the employees and thereby increase productivity.

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