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A Guide to Metal Ceiling: Types and Advantages


Metal ceilings are a non-conventional choice for ceiling elements used for architectural purposes, and to accommodate the interior aesthetic, they have different kinds of designs pressed onto them. The metal ceilings are usually made of materials like galvanized iron, aluminum, or steel. The reason why metal ceilings are used is because of the strength and reliability the materials offer the business owner. 

Types of Metal Ceilings 

1. Open Cell Ceilings: 

Open cell ceilings have open cell modules that are laid out for the metal ceiling structure. They are designed in such a way that it lays comfortably on a suspension lay grid. These metal ceilings can be effectively used to hide cable wires and AC systems. It is the most ideal choice for buildings that have comparatively smaller plenum depths. It also helps in giving ample space for rooms with lower ceilings without having any effect on the roof height of the room. Open cell ceilings also ensure good acoustic performance for industrial needs. 

2. Linear Baffle Metal ceilings : 

These are metal ceilings that support the T-bar kind of suspended ceilings. Linear baffle ceilings are aligned parallel to each baffle blade. It is an open-model ceiling system that does not completely enclose or seal the plenum. These parallel baffle ceilings are available in standard lengths or dimensions. And they can also be customized according to the different height and style requirements. Linear baffle metal ceilings are known to improve speech intelligibility, which is usually a common issue in classrooms. 

3. Concealed metal ceilings: 

This is the most widely and commonly used metal ceiling system. This kind of metal ceiling encloses the entire roof space without any visible grid. These ceiling systems can be easily incorporated with additions such as smoke alarm systems, ventilation, and lighting systems. Concealed metal ceilings provide the users with void space, easy maintenance and fire resistance. 

Advantages Of Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings have been in the market for decades but they are not still the first choice of many when it comes to the choice of material for suspended ceilings. Here are some advantages of why metal ceilings are the best choice out there:

1. Strength

Metal ceilings are known for the sturdy and strength they provide when compared to other kinds of ceiling materials. Metal ceilings are less prone to cracks and breakages. It gives an easier access to the void and the chances of breaking those tiles while opening or stepping through are less comparatively with mineral based ceiling tiles. 

2. Resilience

Mineral fiber based ceilings are more susceptible to damage caused by water like leaks or moisture that comes from the atmosphere. Such kinds of damages require immediate repair and the chances of them happening again is more. Metal ceilings are likely to survive such petty damages and keep the money's worth for the long run. Stainless steel metal tiles also gives you the added advantage of not being rusty and promises high durability. Mineral tiles also have the possible chances of changing shapes or warping up due to constant exposure to water leak damages and moisture. They are also easier to clean in case of bug infestation and also resistant to mold or mildew formation. 

3. Fire safe

Like how it is less susceptible to water and airborne damage, it also provides high resistance against fire hazards and is a much better choice than mineral based ceiling tiles. 

4. Appearance 

Metal ceilings can be a much better option if you want to add to the aesthetic look of your interiors. Metal ceilings leave you with an option of different styles, perforations, and designs. You also have the option or choice to coat the metal ceiling tiles with the color you want to make them match your existing interiors. If not color, you also have the option of laying down the ceiling as bare metals, powdered textures, or even in a very polished look. As there are different types of metal ceilings, you can choose the right one so that you can conceal or hide things that you don’t want in the outside world’s vicinity. 

5. Accessibility

Accessibility to the plenum area is a necessity once the ceiling is laid down. Metal ceilings offer you chances to get easy access to this area. The ceilings can be designed in different ways and formats, which provide the customers with different configurations relating to the frequency with which they want to access the plenum area. 

6. Value

Metal ceilings can be quite over the budget and darn expensive compared to mineral fiber based ceilings. But the investment that you make in metal ceilings is worth every penny as they give you longevity. There is no requirement for regular maintenance of metal ceilings, and thereby you save a lot of money.

The chances of metal ceilings being damaged or breaking are also relatively low, which makes them an even more attractive option for their price. There are also many choices one can incorporate into ceilings, like sleek designs. It is also an ideal option for energy efficiency because it is an excellent conductor of heat and cold and, therefore, can quickly respond to the needs of the room, whether it is heating up or cooling down. 

7. Low Nuisance

As the metal ceilings are made to measure, most of the work on them is done within the factory and then moved to the place where they are installed. Almost all the cutting work, including adding the incisions that are required to place the lighting and cable provisions, is done within the factory premises, making the installation site quieter and cleaner and reducing the chances of debris and dust forming. 

8. Lower Maintenance

Metal ceilings require very little maintenance. In order to ensure that they stay durable, all you need to do is clean and dust them regularly so that they don’t stain or accumulate dust over time. Installation of metal ceiling tiles is also extremely easy, as they are lightweight and the chances of them cracking or breaking while being laid out are very low.

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