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Benefits of Installing Play Area Shades in Qatar


Creating safe and comfortable play spaces for children is paramount. Play areas not only encourage physical activity but also foster social interaction and cognitive development in children. However, the scorching heat and intense sunlight in Qatar can often make outdoor play challenging. This is where the installation of play area shades becomes essential. Adding shade structures to the play area is helpful. It makes the environment safer and more comfortable for everyone. In this article, we'll talk about why it's important to have play area shades in Qatar and all the good things it brings.

Top Benefits of Installing Shade Structures 

Here's a closer look at the advantages of installing play area shades in Qatar

1. Protection from UV Rays 

When children play outside, they like the fresh air and sunshine. But it's important to know that too much sun can be bad. They may be exposed to harmful rays, such as ultraviolet (UV) rays. While sunlight is good for getting vitamin D, too much sun can cause health issues. Ensuring kids are protected from too much sun can help reduce their chance of getting cancer when they're older.

In lots of parks in Qatar, there are fabric shade structures to keep people cool and safe from the sun. These structures help reduce the effects of the sun on playground equipment. Some shaded areas also have picnic tables or benches. This allows adults and caregivers to stay out of the sun while watching the kids play.

2. Create Relaxing Spaces

The shaded areas of parks and playgrounds provide visitors with a comfortable place to relax. Adding shaded benches or tables to outdoor areas makes the environment more inviting for everyone, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

3. Better Outdoor Learning

Learning outside has become more popular because it has lots of benefits for education. When schools make shaded areas outside, teachers can teach classes in the fresh air. Shaded spots make outdoor lessons nicer, so students can focus better and enjoy learning more.

4. Extended Playtime

With comfortable temperatures under the shade, children can enjoy extended periods of outdoor play. This is crucial for their physical and mental development, as playtime fosters creativity, social skills, and physical activity. With play area shade, children can have fun without being in the hot sun, which helps them stay active and enjoy playing more.

5. Cool Spaces for Everyone

Shade not only provides cooler temperatures but also improves airflow, making parks more inviting, especially on hot days. Without shade, playground equipment can become uncomfortably hot and even cause injuries. But with shade, children can play safely, and caregivers don't need to worry as much about heat-related problems like heat stroke.

6. Providing Shelter During Rainy Days

Installing shade structures in your city is a wise decision, especially during unexpected rain showers. These structures not only protect you from the sun but also keep you dry during sudden rainfall.

7. Keeping Playground Equipment Cool and Safe

Shade structures make playgrounds more enjoyable, especially in spring and summer, which encourages more people to use them. Community spaces like playgrounds aim to encourage outdoor activities and socializing. Without shade, metal equipment can become too hot to touch, preventing kids from enjoying the playground. With shade, playground equipment stays cool and safe for everyone to enjoy.

8. Energy Savings

Play area shades can act as a natural insulator, keeping the play area cooler and reducing the need for artificial cooling in nearby buildings. This translates to significant energy savings, especially in schools and public parks. 

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Ways to Add Play Area Shade

Make your outdoor play area more sun-protective by incorporating shade structures. Here are some ways to add play area shades.

Covering Play Structures

A sail shade or a hip and ridge shade in squares, rectangles, or hexagons could protect the playground in part or in whole. Sail Shade offers a stylish look, while multiple sail shades can be added for overlapping coverage. The Hip and Ridge style prioritizes function over style and is preferred by many of our customers.

Integrated Shade

For a cost-effective option, consider modular shade solutions. These canopies can be integrated into the posts of the playground, either during the initial installation or as an addition later on. 

Swing Set Canopies

Swing Frame with Shade offers a safe and economical way to provide sun protection for swing sets. This is popular among schools, child development centers, and parks.

Shading Independent Play Areas

For smaller areas like musical gardens, playground rockers, or freestanding climbers, single-post or cantilever umbrellas are ideal. Using only one post allows for more play space without additional support posts.

Bench Canopies

If you have a bench near your playground, consider our Bench Shade Attachment. Fits perfectly on the back of any 6-foot park bench, whether it is buried or surface mounted, providing economically viable shade for sun relief.


In Qatar's sunny climate, where temperatures can soar, playground shade and park shelters are essential for creating enjoyable outdoor spaces. Electra, a leading supplier of play area shades in Qatar, offers a diverse range of high-quality shades designed for installation in various outdoor settings. These shades come in multiple colours, designs, and sizes to suit different client needs, whether for residential, commercial, institutional, or official properties. Made with durable materials and smart installation features, Electra's play area shades not only protect from the sun but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Our installation teams and technicians arrive fully equipped with everything needed for installation. With high-quality materials, our play area shades withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity. Our experienced engineers cater to your every requirement, ensuring the shades meet your specifications for style, design, strength, installation, maintenance, and budget.