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Electra - Authorized Dealer of Norden Communication


If you are looking for authorized Norden suppliers in Qatar, Electra is the one and only choice. Electra brings you the exclusive collection of advanced electrical, electronics, and communication systems from Norden. Electra is delighted to be the only authorized dealer of Norden products in Qatar. We have been acquiring and distributing Norden products of matchless quality, innovativeness, performance, and reliability across Qatar for several years. Our strong client base has been pivotal in promoting state-of-the-art products from Norden, which have always been of top-notch quality.

Reach out to Electra, the only authorized dealer and distributor of Norden products in Qatar, if you are looking for procuring Norden products anywhere in the country. We assure you of consistent support with genuine Norden products directly sourced from the manufacturing centres of the company. You can order the entire range of Norden products from Electra, Qatar. An authorized supplier of Norden systems in Qatar, Electra would serve your needs anywhere in the country.

At the same time, we warn you to be cautious about the firms, that claim to be the authorized dealers of Norden products. There are no firms associated with Norden in the country, other than Electra, Qatar. Therefore, you may avoid ordering Norden products from them. You might end up receiving fake or unauthentic Norden products, which would not have the acclaimed quality, performance, or reliability you expect.

Being the only authorized supplier of Norden in Qatar, we offer original and guaranteed Norden products at the best rate. For ordering Norden products in Qatar, you may contact us right away.

Authorized Dealer of Norden Products in Qatar

Norden Communication has been empowering lives through innovation. All the IT, communication, and electronics products from the firm have been proven to stand apart. Owing to their quality, consistency, cost-effectiveness, and durability. No wonder many firms claim to be associated with them and state that they are authorised suppliers of Norden products in Qatar.

Norden has been its own kind of manufacturer of ELV and optimal solutions for decades, They have been supporting telecommunication needs, infrastructure development, the utility sector, manufacturing units, and industrial units. Assured to withstand adverse scenarios and function perfectly, the products from Norden Communication have been winning accolades since the initial days.

 Contact Electra, the sole Norden-associated dealer in Qatar, for ordering Norden products in the country. Do not fall prey to fake agencies, who claim to be associated with Norden.  


Electra Qatar has been the one-stop solution for all the electro-mechanical, IT and communication, requirements in the construction, infrastructure development, and other sectors. Dedicated to delivering only the best quality products, Electra Qatar concluded an agreement with Norden Communication, the most admired one among the manufacturers of IT, telecommunication, and data systems. Presently, Electra Qatar is proud to be the only authorized dealer of Norden products in Qatar.

Partnering with Norden, Electra has been able to supply the best quality products across Qatar. The products, proven to be of exceptional quality and performance, have been serving varying needs of companies in the oil & gas sector, telecommunication industry, infrastructure development, IT, construction and other sectors in Qatar. Choose Electra Qatar for ordering the proven quality products from Norden across Qatar.

Electra, the renowned dealer of Norden in Qatar, distributes a range of Nroden products across the country. 

Norden Products Supplied by Electra, Qatar

The entire range of Norden Communication products is supplied by Electra, Qatar. A few of those are:

1.    Cabinets & Accessories – Avoid the need for frequent replacements due to defects or lack of quality. Order cabinets and accessories from Norden Communication, exclusively distributed by Electra in Qatar. Choose from a wide range of Norden cabinets and accessories including multiple shelf cabinets, top and bottom entry cabinets, cabinets with removable side panels, and toughened glass door cabinets. The strong cabinets have proven longevity, are made of advanced material and are offered to clients after thorough QA checks. Available in different sizes and structures, these cabinets with smart design features are suitable for varying requirements in office environments, data centres, telecommunication facilities etc.

2.    Telephone Cables – Looking for advanced internal/ external multi-pair telephone cables? Procure the number one quality telephone cables from Norden Communication manufactured in accordance with BT type 1308B. Electra Qatar is the only supplier of Norden telephone cables in the country. Get rid of the concerns of disrupted telecommunication due to faulty cables or lack of clarity resulting from the usage of ordinary cables. Opt for Norden telephone cables distributed by Electra Qatar. The cost-effective, classy, and safe solution for establishing a seamless communication system.

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3.    Keystone Jack – Eliminate electromagnetic interference from an external source. Install Keystone Jack from Norden Communication, solely distributed by Electra in Qatar. The subject component would also reduce insertion loss as well as alien cross talk, offering unparalleled performance and versatile systems. Designed to deliver outstanding performance for all 10G Ethernet applications, the Keystone Jack is available in 1800 orientation that provides an ideal termination with minimum distance to the IDC. Check out and order Keystone Jack from Norden at the Electra dealership nearby. Connect with us for more queries regarding the item.

4.    Special Cables and Wires – Buy special cables and wires from Norden Communication, manufactured and pursuing state-of-the-art processes. Assured quality products with each item undergoing meticulous inspection and assessment. Electra, Qatar has a comprehensive collection of special cables and wires from Norden, obtained directly from the manufacturing centre. Use only genuine Norden products to avoid defects and damage to the systems.

5. Fibre Optic Cables – A large collection of fibre optic cables from Norden awaits you at Electra Qatar. Avoid using inferior quality cables from other brands or duplicate products delivered by firms that claim to be associated with Norden. Electra in Qatar offers an array of Norden brand fibre optic cables including Optical Fibre Non-conductive Plenum (OFNP) cable, Optical Fibre Non-conductive Riser (OFNR) cable, Central Loose Tube FRP Strength Optical Cable, Duplex & Simplex Optical Fibre Cable, Aluminium Longitudinal Layer Stranded Optical cable, and 2 Core Fibre Optic Drop Cable.

6. Fibre Patch Cord – Establish a robust, seamless, and efficient telecommunication system, assured by a fibre patch cord from Norden products. A prominent name in the telecommunication world for more than two decades, Norden has been an accomplished entity with several awards and accolades on the global stage. Electra, Qatar is fortunate to be associated with them and to be the only licensed Norden distributer in the country. The fibre patch cord offered by Norden includes ST Fibre Patch Cord, MTRJ Fibre Patch Cord, E2000 Fibre Patch Cord, FC Fibre Patch Cord, and LC Fibre Patch Cord.

7. Fibre Optic Patch Panel – Opt for the patch panel that suits your systems from the wide range of fibre optic patch panels from Norden Communications products. Either visit Electra, Qatar dealerships or order the preferred one online. Authentic premium quality patch panels from Norden would be delivered by Electra anywhere in Qatar.

8. Shielded Paired Cable – Cables are the lifeline of a data, telecommunication, electrical, or electronic system. Avoid quality issues by using Norden cables manufactured through advanced technical processes. We have a wide variety of shielded paired cable ideal for different needs viz. 1 Pair 14 AWG Overall Foil Shielded Paired Cable - 600V, 1 Pair 12 AWG Overall Foil Shielded Paired Cable, 1 Pair 12 AWG Overall Foil Shielded CM, CMX, CMR Rated Cable, etc.

Why Choose Norden Products?

Products from Norden Communication have made a name through consistency, quality, and reliability. A credible name in the world of technology for more than two decades, Norden is one of the most preferred brands in the global arena. As a result, many firms have started staking claims to be the partners or associates of Norden Communication. In the case of Qatar, Electra is the only authorized Norden dealers in Qatar.  

Striving to deliver products of outstanding quality, the brand pursues a diligent manufacturing and quality assurance process. All the items from the brand, consequently, have earned unparalleled acceptance from clients around the world. Performance is assured when the system is installed with Norden components.

For more info on Norden products, checking them out, and procurement, do connect with Electra, the sole associate of Norden distributor in Qatar.

Electra supplies quality-assured Norden products in Qatar. Get in touch with us, the top-rated Norden supplier in Qatar.